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Self-taught career electronics engineer and professional student of School of Heuristic Electronics Technology. Owner and president of Electric Perfection, www.electricperfection.com producing High-End Audiophile Amplifiers and power supplies. Strong interest in natural, renewable energy and minimal - striving for zero-harm compassionate living. Ty...pe-1 diabetic with a passion for science, physics, nutrition and health. Enjoys home improvement, automotive and mechanical re-work, upgrades and maintenance. Also enjoys nature, hiking and exploring. More
Sean Carney has been an Internet enthusiast since the very early 1990's and his initial interest in the Internet was as a way to disseminate good health information. Now many years later not much has changed! He still believes in the two rules he posted on his cubicle while working on eWorld at Apple Computer in 1994: Rule #1: The Internet is Eve...rything! Rule #2: If the Internet is NOT Everything; Refer to Rule #1 And, Yes, I am open minded!  :-) More
Dr. Carney helps patients prevent and reverse disease through balanced lifestyle changes, including implementing an anti-inflammatory, high fiber, nutrient dense plant-based, Starch-Smart diet.