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Ken's Engineered Type 1 Diabetes Whole Food Plant Based Low Fat Lifestyle

Ken in His Engineering Lab
Previous experiences with my doctors were extremely difficult because they wanted to control my Type 1 diabetes by prescribing specific medication doses and defining what I should eat. But, none of that was working. I felt extremely diseased and disabled. I was kind of terrified from all that and so decided to apply the techniques of my profession:...
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Marky Yvanovich
That is absolutely one of the best success stories I have ever read. It is full of discovery and adventure and hope. I need to g... Read More
Monday, 03 July 2017 17:18
Linda Carney MD
Thank you Marky!We feel the same way about Ken's story. I personally have learned so much from Ken and his wife, that I have used ... Read More
Monday, 03 July 2017 17:36
Sean Carney
Marky,You are so right. This is one of the most important stories we have ever published. i hope it can be shared far and wide and... Read More
Monday, 03 July 2017 19:27
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Jacquie Has Type II Diabetes Reversal

Jacquie Has Type II Diabetes Reversal
You must see this video and hear this testimony! Our greatest joy in participating in any Health Retreat is found in testimonies of participants who find happening to their bodies what they had been educated to believe could never happen. That is, their disease conditions not only improve but they go away! Dr. Carney...
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Kim Has a Checklist of Conditions Reversed!

Kim Has a Checklist of Conditions Reversed!
About five years ago and after suffering from thyroid problems for two years prior, I mentioned to my husband I wanted to change my doctor to a woman. I finally had a medication that required I see a doctor on a regular basis and men doctors were OK, but I wanted one actually more...
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