Float in the Dead SeaThis is a toughie, narrowing down Israel’s top attractions to a top ten “must do” list. But, here it is, our attempt at bringing you the best of the Holy Land in one ultimate checklist - these are things that you really should see and do in Israel, no matter if you’re here for a long weekend or a month.

Float in the Dead Sea

The Lowest Point on Earth is one special place to visit.

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Originally built as a fortress as one of King Uziah’s early construction projects, Qumran (Secacah or “city of salt”) is located in a marlstone hill in Judean Hills of West Bank above Dead Sea.


Just as there are nearly 3,000 pregnancy resource centers throughout the United States offering counseling, family support, and practical resources to mothers before and after their pregnancies, one Israeli ministry, Efrat, has a very similar mission in the Holy Land, which is believed to have among the world’s most liberal abortion laws.

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